Superior returns in India
over 14 years

About Us

Kuvera Capital Partners LLP (KCP) is an alternative asset manager specialising in Indian Equities. KCP manages the Kuvera Fund one of the first Indian dedicated long/short funds to be launched.

It was co-founded in 2004 by Raju Kamath with seeding from Marshall Wace.



Investment Awards

% of the index volatility

% of the index's annualised return


% Standard deviation

What We Do

An authentic hedge fund in the Indian market providing clients with stable long-term returns. Clients with Kuvera maintain long-term exposure to a unique asset class and receive a great investment experience.

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How we do it

Portfolio construction

Portfolios are constructed to extract the desired risk return profile with limits on position size, sector and exposures.

Macro View

We have a detailed understanding of global risks as they affect India.

Detailed market knowledge

Large cap focus: we have a detailed knowledge of companies.

Active short book

An active short book made up of stocks not an Index.

Risk Management

Derivatives and options are used to hedge out residual portfolio risk.

Leadership Team