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Limited regulatory protection

KUVERA CAPITAL PARTNERS LLP is a trading name of Kuvera Capital Partners LLP which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. Most if not all of the protections provided by the United Kingdom regulatory structure will not apply to investments in the funds detailed within this website.

Limitation of liability

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Risk factors

Investment in the funds referred to in this website involves significant risks. Such funds are intended for sophisticated investors who can accept the risks associated with such an investment including a substantial or complete loss of their investment.

The value of investments and any income derived from them can go down as well as up and the value of an investor's investment may be subject to sudden and substantial falls. The loss on realisation may be very high and could result in a substantial or complete loss of its investment.

Most if not all of the protections provided by the United Kingdom regulatory structure will not apply to investments. Investors should be fully aware of the restrictions on transfer of investments.

The prices of commodities contracts and all derivatives instruments, including futures and options, are highly volatile. Certain investment positions may be illiquid. The funds referred to in this website may invest in securities of financially troubled companies, illiquid over-the-counter securities and non-publicly traded securities.

Investment in emerging market funds involves risk factors and special considerations which may not be typically associated with investing in more developed markets. Political or economic change and instability may be more likely to occur and have a greater affect on the economies and markets of emerging countries. Adverse government policies, taxation, restrictions on foreign investment and on currency convertibility and repatriation, currency fluctuations and other developments in the laws and regulations of emerging countries in which investment may be made, including expropriation, nationalisation or other confiscation could result in loss to the fund.

The risk factors referred to above are not an exhaustive list and reference should be made to the relevant Prospectus.

No offer or solicitation

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U.S. Persons

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