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Superior returns in India over 20 years

Kuvera Capital Partners LLP (KCP) is an alternative asset manager specialising in Indian Equities. KCP manages the Kuvera Fund (ISIN:MU0671S00000), one of the first Indian dedicated long/short funds to be launched. It was co-founded in 2004 by Raju Kamath with seeding from Marshall Wace. Kuvera provides clients with risk controlled access to the Indian market, one of the fastest growing in the world. Clients with Kuvera can maintain long-term exposure to a unique asset class and receive a great investment experience and stable long-term returns.



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KFL 11.16% 11.94%
NIFTY 11.25% 26.21%

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Our approach enables clients to remain invested in the India growth story for the long term

Portfolio Construction

Portfolios are constructed to extract the desired risk return profile with limits on position size, sector and exposures.

Macro View

An understanding of global risks as they affect India.

Detailed Market Knowledge

Large cap focus: a detailed knowledge of companies in our universe.

Portfolio Construction

An active short book made up of stocks not an Index.

Macro View

Derivatives are used to hedge out residual portfolio risk.


The Growth Story

A summary of key trends that typifies the Indian market

  • During the next four decades, Indian GDP is expected to grow at an annualized average of 8%, making it potentially the world's fastest-growing major economy until 2050.
  • Young and rapidly growing working-age population.
  • Growth in the manufacturing sector because of rising education and engineering skill levels.
  • Sustained growth of the consumer market driven by a rapidly growing middle class.
  • "A bright spot" topped World Bank's growth outlook for 2015-2016 (+7.6%).
  • May 2019 re-election of reforming focused government.
  • Indian automobile industry is one of the largest in the world with an annual production of 22m cars.
  • The Indian retail market is estimated to be US$600 billion and one of the top five retail markets in the world and fastest growing.
  • India's consumer market, the world's eleventh-largest, is expected to become fifth-largest by 2030.
  • 7th largest economy in the world (3rd on a PPP).
  • Home to 93 billionaires (2nd only to the US).

Source: IIFL Asset Management

"As a market economy, India is poised to overtake the US in GDP by 2045" - PWC

The Opportunities & Challenges

Kuvera has a positive view but acknowledges the risks in getting there

  • Progressive

    Current government commited to dismantling bureaucracy, devolving power and attracting capital.

  • Because...

    Needs Foreign Investment

    India is supplied constrained and MUST attract foreign capital to achieve growth potential.

  • Therefore...

    Globally In Sync

    Growth and equity markets linked to global factors and liquidity.

  • Challenge #1


    21.3% of population below the poverty line.

  • Challenge #2

    Red Tape

    Ranked 130th out of 189 countries in the World Bank's 2015 ease of doing business index.

  • Challenge #3


    GDP per capita is $1.8k. Government incentivised to elevate per capita numbers.


The leadership team of Kuvera

Raju Kamath

Founder, CEO & Head of Investments

Prior to founding Kuvera, Raju spent 10 years with Dimensional Fund Advisors, where he developed and managed emerging markets equity and derivatives portfolios.

Assets managed totalled $1bn, invested across 19 markets. His track record at Dimensional (31 Mar 2003): Morningstar ranked his Emerging Market Fund as the 2nd best performer (out of 107 funds), on a 5-year basis and 3rd best (out of 173 funds), on a 1-year basis.

The UK Fund ranked 7th (out of 123 funds) on a 3-year basis and 10th (out of 69 funds) on a 1-year basis. He has an MBA (Finance) from Cass Business School, City University.

Wilson Hudkins Cáceres


Wilson is the Chief Operating Officer of the Kuvera Fund. He is responsible for overseeing multiple business functions and assists in the development of the firm's long-range business plan.

Previously, he was a Partner at Sigrun Partners as well as Managing Director at Fortis Bank (Now BNP PARIBAS FORTIS). Wilson has held senior positions at Abn Amro Bank, ACF Corporacion and other international and regional financial institutions.

He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) as well as a Professional Risk Manager (PRM). He holds an MBA as well as a BBA.

Rohit Shah


Previously Rohit was with BP Oil Trading for 15 years in London and South Africa.

His responsibilities included the automation and improvement of both back and front office processes as well as development of risk management systems for European Oil Trading. He subsequently founded an IT business.

At Kuvera, Rohit is responsible for improving the efficiency of operational controls and automation of both back and front office processes. He is an IT specialist and a qualified accountant.


Nominated for and won several industry awards


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